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    Global Agrochemical Market Study 2019: Analysis by Product, Chemical, Crop and Region

    Time:2019-12-05 15:26:15  Source:  Author:

    The Agrochemical market is basically driven by increase in population at the growing rate. The population has been increasing at an alarming rate but with the increase in the population the land available for agriculture is declining.

    With the help of the Agrochemicals products such as Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides farmers will be able to grow more crops on less land, which makes the crops cost less and the crops would be available to the end consumers at less price; and the farmers also benefit because the agriculture land will continue to decline in the future and population will continue to increase in the future, so with the help of pesticides the farmers will be growing more crops on less land. Also the support provided by the government for pesticides will aid farmers.

    On the basis of chemical type, crop protection chemicals lead the Agrochemical market because crop protection chemicals help the farmers to produce more crops per unit area with less tillage, thus reducing deforestation, conserving natural resources and curbing soil erosion. Pesticides are also critical for the control of invasive species and noxious weeds.

    Among the regions, Asia-Pacific leads the Agrochemical market. In Asia-Pacific the demand for Agrochemical market is expected to be high because the region is known for its agro-based countries such as India, Sri Lanka, and China which are majorly dependent on agriculture and related industries for economic growth.

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